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I’m currently a junior GIS consultant at GEON in Groningen. Before taking up this job I studied at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen at the faculty of Spatial Sciences. Here I received a Bsc. in Human Geography and Planning in 2012 and a Msc. in Economic Geography in 2013. My master’s thesis was focused on the future value of industrial estates and urban areas in the Netherlands. During my freshman year I also studied abroad at Millersville University.

During my studies I have always used GIS as an input during research and the resulting cartography as a means of communicating a message. I believe that a lot of the (geographic) information that is available nowadays can be understood better and displayed more clearly using good visualization and cartography. Visualization and cartography have been becoming more important for me personally and professionally. I have published some of my work on visual.ly and visualizing.org where some of my work has been used in featured galleries.

Recently I have been trying to get more involved online in the mapping/GIS/cartography community. This website is a way to do this. All opinions on this website are my own and do not reflect any opinions of my employers or previous employers.



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