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Induced Earthquakes in the Netherlands (2000-2014 update)

  Background 2 years ago I published my first version of this graphic. The amount of earthquakes in the north of the Netherlands had been increasing steadily due to the extraction of natural gas.  The Netherlands has made billions of euro’s due to the sale of this gas. Due to…

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Farmland use in the Netherlands (2014)

 Datasets Once in a while you run across a dataset that you kind of forgot about. I used an agricultural dataset during my bachelor year for the course Agricultural Geography. I just recently stumbled across a newer version of this dataset. In dutch it is called Agrarisch Areaal Nederland. This contains all…

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Tutorial: 3D in QGIS

3D plugin! It has now been possible to create 3D models in QGIS for several months using the QGIS2ThreeJS plugin. I have seen several nice maps that came out of this plugin: Liquid Wealth Anita Graser Example This plugin is perfect for me, as I have little coding experience, and…

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All the water in NL

As promised I have made a map of all the water features in the Netherlands. Water has always been an important force in our countries history. Ever since the  Watersnoodramp in 1953 (a major flooding disaster which killed almost 2000 people and destroyed the homes of over 100,000 people) the…

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All streets of NL

Okay, I know, I’m late to the party. I just happened to (re)stumble upon Ben Fry’s 2008 iteration of ‘All the streets in the USA’. I looked at this image a couple of years ago and was amazed at how much detail one can find using only one type of…

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