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Induced Earthquakes in the Netherlands (2000-2014 update)



2 years ago I published my first version of this graphic. The amount of earthquakes in the north of the Netherlands had been increasing steadily due to the extraction of natural gas.  The Netherlands has made billions of euro’s due to the sale of this gas. Due to the earthquakes there has been significant news coverage over the last year. The result of this is that the Dutch national government has decided to decrease the amount of gas that is being pulled out of the ground. Whether this results in the decrease of the amount of earthquakes remains to be seen. See the graphic below, you can click on it for the high resolution version.


Earthquakes2000 - 2014smaller

Updated graphic on induced earthquakes in the north of the Netherlands (2000 – 2014)


New Graphic

Because I had some extra time on my hands I decided to try out a tool I’ve been curious about for some time, RAW. RAW was developed by density design and basically gives you  a quick way to visualize your data in D3.js without coding. You can then export it to png or svg for more processing in Inkscape. In this next graphic you can also see the clear growth of earthquakes in recent years. The earthquakes are displayed by magnitude (color) and number of earthquakes per year (size).



Bump chart made using RAW


The chart below basically gives the same information as the above, only in a chord diagram. This chart was also made using RAW. I really suggest you check this tool out. It took me about 10 minutes to make these charts. For more information on the earthquake situation in the Netherlands you can check out this BBC article.


Chord diagram magnitude

Chord diagram of earthquake data from 1986 to early 2015




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