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Most inspiring Map Blogs (2014)

So I have decided to kick this blog off with an old-fashioned list. And a simple list at that. A list of all the blogs or websites that I find useful or inspirational. This can be that it has something to do with cartography or GIS, but it can also be something else. Perhaps something design related can inspire you to view a certain issue in a different light. I believe that beauty, no matter the medium can inspire. Good design of different kinds do have a lot in common. For simplicity’s sake I have divided the links in 3 categories: Personal Blogs, Corporate Blogs, and Inspirational blogs. This is by no means a complete list, merely a list of places I find interesting and useful. You might find the list American centric, therefore I encourage you to add different blogs in the comment section to get a view of more international blogs as well. If any of the owners of the listed blogs happen to stumble upon this list and do not wish to be on here, let me know and I will take down your link instantly.

Personal Blogs

Joshua Stevens, PhD candidate at Penn State

Daniel Hoffman, Freelance Cartographer

Bill Rankin Assistant Professor of History of Science, Yale University

John Nelson, IDVSolutions

Anita Graser

Andy Woodruff, Axis Maps

Kenneth Field, ESRI

Visualising Data

Maphugger: Martin Elmer, Cartographer

Flowing Data: Nathan Yau



Corporate Blogs


Wired Map Lab



IDV Solutions

Axis Maps





Visual Complexity

Gestalten (just browse around their books)

Well that concludes my list. There are undoubtedly more blogs that are missing here, so I invite you to add them. I will continue to update this blog as I have the time (not always lists) so I hope to see you here again.



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  1. Jose Manuel schreef:

    Nice page you have and thanks for shring the list.

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