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Flow mapping in QGIS

Just recently I found out through a colleague of mine about a new QGIS plugin that focuses on flow mapping. The plugin is called Oursin (French for ‘urchin’) and was made by Lioinel Cacheux. It can be downloaded within QGIS or at the official repository. This type of plugin is…

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Making a custom map legend – In Powerpoint?!

The end process of the making of a map or infographic, or really any kind of graphic that consists of multiple elements, usually takes place in some kind of graphics suite. Adobe products, whether it be Photoshop or Illustrator are still regarded as go-to products. Rightfully so, because they are…

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Tutorial: 3D in QGIS

3D plugin! It has now been possible to create 3D models in QGIS for several months using the QGIS2ThreeJS plugin. I have seen several nice maps that came out of this plugin: Liquid Wealth Anita Graser Example This plugin is perfect for me, as I have little coding experience, and…

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